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Translation and terminology services

We can translate into almost any language

We have more than 20 years of experience in successfully meeting the language needs of customers in both the private and the public sectors. We find the right style for each project, whether it be a user manual or corporate periodical. We handle each assignment with professionalism and speed, ensuring high quality irrespective of the file format.

We believe it is important that translators only translate into their native languages

Our translation agency consists of professional translators whose work is proofread by native-speaker language revisers and, if required, by technical personnel and terminology experts. We will gladly tell you more about the range of languages we offer and the competence of our translators.

We offer the following:

Technical translations

• Extensive projects
• High-quality technical realisation
• Efficient work processes and rapid delivery

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Corporate publications and communication

• International marketing communication
• The understanding of different business cultures
• Effective and fluent text

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Institutions and public administration

• A focus on expertise
• The appropriateness and legality of a text
• Confidentiality and secure delivery

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Translations of medical texts

• Specialist knowledge
• Texts requiring great accuracy and care
• Flexible delivery times

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Other services

• Layout and DTP services
• Audiovisual translation

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• Authorised translation
• Internationalisation services

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• Marketing translation

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• Vocabularies, glossaries, terminology and publication templates

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In addition

• Copywriting
• Documentation surveys
• Graphics
• Machine Translation
• Proofreading
• My translator
• Print services
• Back translations
• File conversions
• Validation

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We only take orders from companies.

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