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Stooritaivas & Nouveau

Stooritaivas is a production company consisting of a group of experts with strong and extensive experience in producing visual media. The company produces videos for a wide variety of clients. These days, creating content that catches people’s eye on the internet is difficult, but possible. Stooritaivas helps its clients stand out.

Firm schedules

“When we invited tenders for translation services, Nouveau immediately stood out, especially on account of their rapid response”, describes Sari Isotalo from Stooritaivas. “Our projects often have a tight schedule and Nouveau always delivers on time. We appreciate that a lot.”

AV translations

“It is good that Nouveau is able to translate directly from video”, states Sari Isotalo. “When translating videos, it is important that the idea of the speech is conveyed. Nouveau has a good understanding of the differences between colloquial and written language, as well as culturally specific linguistic differences. Our videos may reach up to 100,000 views, so these things really matter.”

Quality certified translation service

Nouveau Language is a Finnish ISO 9001 certified translation agency with nearly 30 years of experience that offers services in multiple languages and is known for its friendly service. Our extensive service range includes solutions for all kinds of translation needs.

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